Facebook's New Community Standards - 2018-04-25

Following Marc Zuckerberg's grilling by the Senate Facebook released a detailed list of content they will remove if posted anywhere on Facebook. To prevent your account from being locked out read Facebook's new Community Standards here:   ... more

Weskus Approved - 2018-03-14

We are very proud to announce that we are now a Weskus Approved service provider!  Thank you Chris Rentzke, we appreciate your support. For more information go to    ... more

Google Business View Tours now available - 2017-08-30

Our Virtual Reality 360 degree photography and filming division, VR360.CAPETOWN is a Google Trusted Photography agency specialising in Google Business View Tours.     Choosing the right business, hotel or restaurant is often tough and most prospective customers like to see the inside of your business before deciding if they w... more

Tata Dealership Website - 2013-09-21

We have an amazing offer for all Tata dealers wanting to succeed online! Having a professional website greatly improves your dealership's credibility and assist's you with bringing in fresh new leads. We just completed the Tata Mowbray website. Click on the image below to view the website: Our Complete Online Package ... more

Smartphone life shakes up website world - 2013-06-10

San Francisco – Internet giants from Google and Facebook to Yahoo and Zynga are scrambling to adapt to an online world where people reach for smartphones or tablets instead of traditional computers. Social games pioneer Zynga, which rose to stardom making titles played at Facebook's website, is cutting nearly a fifth of its staff as pa... more

Facebook cloning - Here is the solution! - 2013-05-31

Facebook cloning has become a huge problem and every day more people are being affected by it. Although it is impossible for you to prevent someone from cloning your profile you can make things so difficult for them that they will give up and go play with something else. First you have to make sure that no-one can see your friends list. If they ... more

Facebook cloning – How it’s done and how to prevent it - 2013-05-30

Facebook Profile cloning has come into the spotlight and it is a topic that made news worldwide. Facebook profile cloning is a type of identity theft where dodgy characters literally make a second profile that looks exactly like your current one. They then send friend requests to all your friends from that cloned profile fooling everyone in thinkin... more - 2013-05-14

Ever been in an accident where no-one knows who you are? Scared your kids get lost? Want to get back your lost goods? Want to share all your information fast and easy? We have a solution for you! QR codes have taken the world by storm. Anyone with a smart phone can scan a QR code to get a vast amount of information. You can now create your own u... more

GoogleÂ’s latest Algorithm update - 2013-05-02

In December 2012 Google changed its search algorithm again and it affected some Website in a very negative manner. Old stagnant websites started receiving less and less hits. Google have begun penalising sites for older, out-of-date content and poor quality linking. In terms of maintaining Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) they have essent... more

Complete Online Package details - 2013-02-21

Our Complete Online Package for only R3000 is the best value for money anywhere in South Africa! We put together this amazing deal to give clients a one-stop-shop for all their online needs and to make sure that every aspect of their online presence is covered. So what exactly do you get for R3000? A Website with an... more

The mobile web revolution - 2013-02-20

Internet usage on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets grew enormously in 2012 and is set to grow even more in 2013 and beyond. The transition to increased mobile web access is having a dramatic effect on how consumers interact with brands.  The times, they are a-changing: mobile phones have officially overtaken computers i... more

Our website design process - 2012-07-02

Here at Web Revolution we have a huge amount of pride in our work and always try to design a site that the client and us are happy with. Every site we build is a reflection of our business and we take great care to get it right.             Our design process are as follows:   We first complete all ... more

Price increase - 2012-02-23

We have avoided raising our prices for as long as possible, but we can no longer prolong the inevitable. Our new prices are as follows:   1. Complete online package: R3000 2. Website: R2500 3. Logo design:                     R600 4. Facebook page setup:       R2... more

Christmas money - 2011-11-19

Christmas is on our doorstep and money is always an issue. If it's not the Christmas dinners to budget for it's all the gifts that empties your pocket.   We have a solution to your Christmas budget problems!   As you know, we supply professional CMS websites with all the "Bells and Whistles" for only R2500. You can... more

How to video call with Skype on Facebook. - 2011-07-07

Facebook video chat is real! Facebook has unveiled its rumored video chat product powered by Skype. “A few months ago, we started working with Skype to bring video calling to Facebook,” Facebook announced on its blog. “We built it right into chat, so all your conversations start from the same place. To call your friend,... more

Best time to publish a blog post. - 2011-03-24

When it comes to blogging for business, if you want to do business online and want to compete in the global marketplace known as the World Wide Web then you cannot afford not to be blogging. This is the single fastest way to make a huge splash in the search engine rankings and one of the fastest ways to reduce your esteem in your field&mdas... more

Firefox 4 has arrived - 2011-03-24

Mozilla, a global, nonprofit organization dedicated to making the Web better, has just released Firefox 4, the newest version of the popular, free and open source Web browser. Firefox puts users in control of their Web experience, providing a streamlined user interface, fun new features, a boost in speed and support for modern Web technolog... more

Google Changes Search Algorithm - 2011-03-03

Google Launches Yet Another Algorithm Change Today Affecting 12% of Searches. Google seems to be on the prowl in February having released a second major algorithm change earlier today. This round appears to have mainly been targeted at content farms such as eHow and Demand Studios. Demand Studios is one of the largest content farms out there.... more

How to get the new Facebook Profile layout now. - 2010-12-06

Tomorrow, Facebook is going to roll out its new design for user profiles. If you aren’t able to wait that long, you are able to get the new Facebook profile by visiting a specific page on the Facebook website, clicking a small button, unlocking the redesign in the process. To unlock the new Facebook profile, complete the following steps... more

Why should your business have a Mobile site? - 2010-11-03

There is a fundamental design difference between a regular website and a mobile website. On a mobile phone, there is a very limited amount of screen space. If you have ever had to side scroll to view something on a website, you realize how much of an inconvenience it is. This is magnified on a mobile device. Even with the ability to turn the de... more

Why should your business have a website? - 2010-11-03

Any business owner should at least have an electronic brochure somewhere in cyberspace. The INTERNET is the first place where potential clients or business associates look to "check you out" (i.e. "Google you"). A website is part of your public image. Most people will agree that the INTERNET search industry is like nothing... more

Before you embark on your website development project ask yourself these 20 questions - 2010-10-31

Before you embark on your website development project, whether it is an upgrade or redesign of an existing or a brand new website, ask yourself these 20 questions: Are you trained in person how to easily update your own website (included in the website design fee)? Can you update your own website? If yes, have you been trained suffici... more

Facebook admin service - 2010-10-26

Facebook has become an integral part of any businesses online presence. We offer a service where we administrate your page for you!   Here are some examples of pages and groups we administrate: Pimp your profile   559 000 + Fans Petition: Remove Julius Malema as president of the ANCYL   237 000 + Fans Rent-A-Skil... more