Any business owner should at least have an electronic brochure somewhere in cyberspace.

The INTERNET is the first place where potential clients or business associates look to "check you out" (i.e. "Google you"). A website is part of your public image. Most people will agree that the INTERNET search industry is like nothing else that we have ever seen (apart from maybe the whole INTERNET in itself). If a business ignores search engines (or the INTERNET), it is missing out on a market that is growing by the day. A website is a "silent salesman"; it gives potential customers the opportunity to view your products and services 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. Even though a business might not necessarily sell goods or services online, the potential customer can make a decision online to visit you in person to do business.

Your competitors (with websites) will take away your customers without you even knowing it. Daily 1000’s of people are using search engines to search for products and services online. The sooner you get a website, the better you will fare in future INTERNET searches. The older a website, the better the search engines rank them. If you think that "in three years time, I will need a website", it is advisable to rather start today. In three years time, it will be so competitive that you might not even "get in" (i.e. your website will rank on page 100 of search results). The days that people look in the Telephone Directory for your phone number are so to say gone. A growing number of people simply Google your name to get your phone number. If they Google you and don't find you, they might see your competitor in the search results and then you might lose a loyal client.

A Website allows you to compete with bigger and more established businesses. You can save on marketing and printing costs. A business can get a lot more bang for their buck on the INTERNET than any other method of marketing or advertising. Even though you might "be fully booked" and don't need any more customers, don't you think that you can perhaps expand or increase your gross profit?  A Website also serves as a "communication tool" to keep your clients interested and informed about your business or organization and gives you a huge amount of credibility. 

The question is not to ask "Can I afford to have a web site?", but rather "Can I afford not to have a web site?"

Your business deserves to have an online identity!  Did you know that there are more searches performed online for contact details than people phoning 1023? To have an online identity is an absolute necessity for any business wanting to grow into the 21st Century. 

Average websites receive 100's of visits per day. Imagine your business having a few hundred people visiting your office on a daily basis? 

In the past it was very difficult to own a website due to the cost implications. But we have entered the new age. Gone are the days of web developers charging an arm and a leg for a substandard site. You can now get the Complete online package for next to nothing. 

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