Facebook has more than 500 million active users. 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day and spends more than 55 minutes per day on Facebook. 

A Facebook fan page acts as a discussion platform where your brand can become viral. Your fan page becomes a doorway to your website where you can advertise your goods or services, have fun with your clients and receive valuable feedback.

Fan pages are visible to even those without a Facebook profile account. If you send a Twitter message or email  with a link, anyone can view the page. Fan pages are also indexed outside of Facebook. Meaning, if someone does an online search of your company, this is one more link that will come up on the search engines like Google. 

With a regular Facebook profile you are limited to 5,000 friends. With a Facebook Fan Page the number of fans is unlimited. This might not be a huge thing if you are just starting out, but always plan for your growth. 

Not sure who your target market is? Facebook fan pages can help you figure that out. Each page keeps statistics of who your followers are and who is participating. It will tell you if they are male or female, their age range, where they are located and what language they speak.

You can further establish your brand. People do business with people they trust. Social media is all about building the trust over time. A page on Facebook gives your business a huge amount of credibility and is a necessity for any business wanting to succeed online.

Having your business on Twitter also has many advantages. You will be able to connect with your customers because they themselves are using Twitter. Everyone is on Twitter! Twitter has become a daily routine where people log onto it every single day. If you have an unsatisfied customer you will hear them on twitter. This will help your company to help them.

You can market your product or services to more people and the best part about that is its FREE.  Twitter can help you increase sales and make PROFIT! 

Google loves Twitter. Having a Twitter profile for your business is one more quality link that will come up on the search engines.

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